Monday, May 23, 2016

Omron 7 Series Wireless Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor (Model BP654)

I have high blood pressure that I have finally gotten under control with the proper medications. My doctor likes me to take my blood pressure every day, record it and bring it in when I see him.
I am a retired bookkeeper and have had my fill of keeping daily records. So I decided to upgrade my original Omron blood pressure wrist cuff with this one, the Omron 7 Series Wireless Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor (Model BP654). Now I don't put off checking my pressure. It makes everything so simple, just take pressure, go to my cell phone app and push transfer. I then retrieves my pressure reading from the cuff to the phone and my onronwellness account online within seconds.
When it's time to go to the doctor, all I do is go to my account, print up my pressure report and off I go.
Very easy and fun to use. I had no problems connecting the bluetooth to my somewhat older android cell phone. I am very pleased with my purchase and highly recommend it to others.

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